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Mind Transformations… was founded in 2017 by NLP & Hypnosis Trainer David Wright, a global leader & author in the field of Transformational Coaching & Hypnosis.

Previously… David was the CEO & Director of Training for over 12 years with one of Australia’s leading NLP & Leadership training companies.

“Transforming Lives & Careers, Across the globe” 

At Mind Transformations we can help you transition into one of the most rewarding careers on the planet today – by becoming a fully competent & confident certified coach &/or practitioner. 

Our certification training programs are of the highest quality globally, they include, accredited certification training in Transformational Life Coaching & Hypnosis, as well as our fully accredited NLP Certification trainings

We also offer our students the opportunity to work alongside our business consultancy where if required we will assist in developing your New Coaching or Hypnotherapy Business which can include – Full Business Setup – Marketing Programs – Online Shopping Cart – Video Editing – Business Coaching & Consulting – and much more. Click Here For More on building your business

David Wright – CEO & Founder
Mind Transformations

To teach individuals & businesses the necessary skills to Grow & Contribute to making a massive impact in the lives of others globally …

To Develop, Inspire & Influence Innovative Individuals, Entrepreneurs & Businesses across the globe in the NEW Science of Coaching …

To Collaborate, Connect & Develop individual and business awareness to increase human performance and substantial business growth …

Based on feedback from hundreds of our clients and students over the last 20 years within the coaching & training industry –

Hey David here …

You know, I never really classed myself as writer of any kind and wasn’t the best at school in English, but I knew I had something inside me that has motivated me on a regular basis, through both the good and hard times in my life – And that’s PASSION and a secret love for NLP & The Subconscious Mind… 

Being an adult student for many years, I thought that teachers regularly made certain topics either very boring OR more difficult than they needed to be… So I swore that one day when I was a leading trainer in my field that I would never fall into that same boring trap, BECAUSE learning how the mind operates is not hard to learn and should be made available to everyone who is looking to better themselves and acheive more in their lives.

“If you can’t explain it to a six year old, you don’t understand it yourself.”Albert Einstein

It was the above quote by Albert Einsten, that inspired my teaching career and how I would write this book with that same idea in mind. (keep it simple) –

I hope you find some benefit in the NLP ebook – David


NLP book by David Wright NLP Neuro Leadership trainer

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Hi I’m David Wright, CEO & Founder of Mind Transformations … 

As director of training at the college – I continue to train our LIVE & Online training events – with the same passion today as I did when I first began my training career.

I have a deep thirst and passion for knowledge of human behaviour & the mind heart connection –  which began well over 20 yrs ago.

My background is from a variety of areas such as in Neuro Linguistic Psychology, Behavioural Science, Hypnosis & Psychotherapy, Sports Performance Psychology – and a I personally have a huge interest in the Mind & Heart connection to the New sciences of Quantum Physics, & Epigenetics.

With over 17 yrs experience as a Practitioner & Coach and 15 yrs as a trainer and motivational speaker – I’ve always made training fun, and real life experiences, as people learn much better in a fun and trusting environment. All this and the new learnings within a business, health & leadership framework – one of my greatest joy’s is ‘inspiring people to achieve success’ in their lives …

leadership & NLP training

“Transforming Lives & Careers, Across the globe” 

NLP & Neuro Leadership Trainer, BSc, Dip.SpPsych, Dip.YW, MNLP, DCH, AdDip.MM – 

At The Coaching College, we’re serious about assisting you to become sucessful as a coach and practitioner. Our hands on live face to face coaching courses will prepare you to become competent, confident and successful in your own field of choice.