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David Wright, Founder The Coaching College

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NLP book by David Wright NLP Neuro Leadership trainer

NLP & The Mind Vol.1

#7 Secrets to Success

Below are some of the topics covered in this NLP & The Mind ebook.


The Beginning... What is NLP?

The foundations of NLP & Coaching and HOW we function.


Developing the Senses

The 5 Senses VAKOG and our internal dialogue (self talk) play a big role in how we think.


The Communication Model & Representational Systems

How internal and external information flows through the filters of our mind and we create our internal thoughts, states, and behaviours.


The Power of The Mind

The minds functions – how it responds and reacts to past and present information.


The Structure of Experience

The way we structure our model of the world, which creates our way in the world.


Beliefs, Values & NLP Presuppositions

We take a look at some of the most important filters and how they shape our motivations & decision making.


The Power of Focus & Momentum

What do we really want in life – where do we place our focus most of the time – and how can we create momentum to achieve more..?

"There are tools in this book that will assist you to take charge of your Life, Health, Wealth, Relationships, Business, Fulfilment, and much more ..."

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About NLP & The Mind

Loved the book and how the author made it so achievable and simple to understand.
Human Resource manager
Recommend it to anyone at any level, has some great tools and techniques, really made it for me.
Youth Coach
Once I read this book I was hooked on NLP & Coaching and went on to train with David and The Coaching College through to NLP Masters level - thanks David
Master Coach & Practitioner
If you're lost and need some direction in life. I recommend giving this a read - perspective is huge.
Business Owner
This is a MUST - so easy to read and not too long either. My mind was engaged and wanted to know more ... David has a unique talent of simplifying what I origianlly thought was too hard for me to learn, thanks
Business Coach
I've been on a personal development journey now for a few years, the book and the tools especially really gave me another way to create better results in my life, thanks to the author - Great Read
Fitness Coach

NLP & The Mind

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NLP book by David Wright NLP Neuro Leadership trainer