NLP & Sports Hypnosis Certification

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Course Overview

This Accelerated 4 Day NLP & Sports Hypnosis training course is blend of NLP Performance Coaching & Sports Hypnosis designed to teach you the skills to tap into your clients true potential and bring the best in their Performance…

We will be covering NLP Performance tools and strategies within the hypnosis framework and combining both for maximum effect to achieve rapid & exciting results.

On completion of this training you will be able to apply your new NLP Coaching & Sports Hypnosis skills and tools entirely on their own or within a coaching framework – to areas such as: Focus – Motivation – Recovery – Performance Anxiety – Weight Loss – Confidence – Goal Achieving – Sports Specific – Mental Clarity – Visualisation and so much more …

As NLP & Hypnosis is a practical skill – you will be applying your knowledge and carrying out regular practice sessions during the training under supervision of your trainer to accelerate your skillset and confidence.

Certification On Completion:

  1. NLP & Sports Hypnosis Coaching Certificate

This certifcation course is fully accredited by the ACCPH (The Association of Counselors Coaches Psychotherapists & Hypnotherapists). 

No prerequisites are needed to attend this training course.

Live face to face training course.

4 Days – Face to Face training
NLP & Sports Hypnosis Coach Certification Training

Training days – (9.00am – 5.30pm)

To Be Anounced …

Full Cost: £797.00 
Early Bird Now: £497.00

(all prices include VAT)

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Course Details

At Mind Transformations, we’re serious about assisting you to become sucessful as coach and practitioner. Our hands on live face to face coaching courses will prepare you to become competent, confident and successful in your own field of choice.